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The below applications can be integrated with either our Website Content Management System or our E-commerce System as well as included as additional features with our Web Tools for Conferences.  In addition, they each can be customized to more closely fit your needs and desires.

The Message Board system we've developed would allow for any number of forums covering broad areas of interest. Visitors to the site could start any number of topics for discussion under each of the predefined forums. The messages and discussions in these forums would also be searchable, allowing a visitor to find information on his area of interest. Forums could be either moderated by an administrator or left un-moderated. The estimated cost for this feature would be approximately $250.

The Event Scheduler can be an entirely separate facet of the website or can be integrated into an online calendar. It can also be as simple as a feedback form that a user fills out and submits and the information is then processed offline, or as complex as a fully integrated, database enabled system that automatically processes the collected information as desired. Such a system could also collect credit card information and, using SSL security, allow for instant, secure online payments. Once a user registers they would receive an email confirmation and the site administrator would have access to their information for processing purposes. Because each organization is different, each of our online registration applications is completely customized to fit the individual needs of our clients. The estimated cost for this solution can range between $250 and $2,000 depending on the complexity of the system required.

Job openings can be posted and submitted via a standard feedback form. Once submitted the information is automatically updated to the online database and an email is generated to the client for approval (editing if necessary) and publication to the website. Resume posting via file upload. A user would fill-out a form and then navigate to the resume file on his/her hard drive and upload to the server. Staff would be responsible for approving resumes before publishing to the website. Resumes would expire after a designated period of time.  Estimate: $1250

Member Profiles would be contained in a database and updated internally by client's staff via an administrative area. Updates to the member profiles would be sent via email to client's staff for approval. While these updates will post to the online database in a holding area they would not publish to the site until approval by client staff has been given. Once approval has been granted, changes will post permanently to the online database and publication to the site will take place. This area would be searchable by keyword. Estimate: $1250

Ability for members to join and renew online. The user will apply and pay for membership and apply for a unique username and password via a standard secured submission form. Once submitted, the user (new member) information would update the online database automatically and generate an email to the client's staff for approval. Once approved the new member would be published to the website and his/her unique username and password activated. Estimate: $950

(See as an example of this feature.)
From the homepage, users would see the current week events where they can click thru for detailed information. They would also be able to immediately search the calendar based on subject categories and bring up the calendar display for the day, week or month. Each subject category would have its own color, such that any item appearing on the calendar in blue is a lecture or debate, anything in green is a fundraiser, etc.

Users would also be able to submit their own events. There would be a submission template of all the info needed to add something to the calendar. This submission would be logged into the database and sent to the Content Editor for editing, deletion or approval. Once approved it would appear on the site. Users wishing to post materials would be required to fill out the signup profile first. Once they signed up they would be given a Username and Password, which they could use to access the posting feature in the future. 

There would also be a special user group of content providers with pre-determined access to posting events. This 'inner circle' would have Usernames and Passwords that are recognized by the system, so that their postings would have a special flag notifying the Content Editor that their submissions are 'safe'. At this time we are assuming that their submissions would still have to go thru the formal approval process before going live on the site, but the special flag should speed up the approval process for the Content Editor. 

During the posting process, the person posting would be asked what subject category they think their submission should go in. They would also be given the option to submit a tentative new category should they feel it does not fit in with any of the existing categories. The estimated cost for this feature would be approximately $750.

an example of this feature.)
The Photo Gallery is fully manageable via a standard web browser like Internet Explorer. You can setup various albums and arrange photos in pretty much any order you want. The estimated cost for this feature is $150.


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